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FLY-TEK TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD. Li group, was founded in the year 1997, nearly more than 10 years has accumulated extensive experience in electronic parts sales. Agent of the company's electronic components are quartz crystals (Quartz Crystals), quartz crystal oscillator (Crystal Oscillators), AC TO DC and DC TO DC semiconductor (Semiconductor), LED Parts, planar transformers (Transformer)/inductor (Coil). Further in the city, set up the Xiamen sound electronic limited, is a professional speaker (Speaker), microphone (Microphone), receiver (Receiver) production plant, specializing in the design and production of ultra-thin specifications, products are widely used in notebook computers, cell phones, video games and so on.

Li group company in addition to sales of high quality electronic components and to provide professional advice, more solid logistics engineering team to provide customers with the best guarantee of quality and technology to allow customers using worry-free. And production in accordance with the "ISO9001:2000" control the quality of our products, and also through "SGS" certification of environmental quality.

Li group to provide customers with a full range of electronic parts sales service, establish special design of the power supply (Power Supply Design) research and development team, scope of services includes DC power supply (DC Power Supply), the AC power supply (AC Power Supply), adapter (Adapter), the travel charger (Trip Charger), car charger (Car Charger), LED lighting power supply ( Lighting Driver), and modules (Module) and other related products.

In recent years, due to the 3C products and LED lighting (Lighting) in common use, as opposed to peripheral products is increasing, in line with market needs, Li application development team from the product planning is as follows:
1. charger partial (Charger): early single output battery charger (Single USB port), expansion increases as 2-way (Dual USB port), 3 (Triple USB port), 4 (Quad USB port) output, in response to the Tablet more than one at the same time high current required to charge.
2. part power adapter (Adapter): 5W,10W,15W,20W,30W,40W,50W,60W,70W output module (Module).
3. LED lamp module (LED Lighting Driver): MR16,E27,T8 module (Module), and professional circuit design (Design tool).
4. Horn speaker design: to provide customers with high-quality voice output.
Li groups integrity, participation, positive, innovative. from product planning, circuit design, PCB Layout, body changes to safety applications, such as CE,FCC,BSMI, etc, and a wealth of experience in a professional manner, assist customers in volume production. hope you enjoy Li group company/manufacturing products, is praying for the wing.

Fly Tek Technology Co., Ltd.

Qiqun Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 1997. In the past ten years, it has accumulated a wealth of experience in the sales of electronic components. The company's electronic components are quartz crystals, multilayer ceramic capacitors, semiconductors and so on. Further, Xiamen Shengjia Electronics Co., Ltd. was established in the mainland. It is a professional manufacturer of speakers, microphones and receivers. It specializes in the design and production of ultra-thin specifications. The products are widely used in notebook computers, mobile phones, electronic game consoles and so on.

Product Categories

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